Wij Gardens – a destination for your senses

A destination for your senses

For you who want to experience and learn about gardening, nature, art, crafts and food – or if just want to make a trip to a lovely spot in the middle of the Swedish landscape.

Wij Gardens in Ockelbo is an innovative and modern garden which has been formed from a rural project situated in a glade in the forest. Here, modern garden art made from local materials is brought together with forestry and farming cultural landscapes. Gardener Lars Krantz has mostly given the gardens their content and essence. Wij Gardens today are open to visitors which, when in season, also offers exhibitions, concerts, events and guided tours – with the luxury of overnight stays and food. The restaurant serves beautifully tasting garden buffets and offers stately afternoon tea and nibbles. In the heart of the rose garden, guests can stay overnight in the refined garden house, with a stunning view over the gardens, mountains and the lake.

In one sense, the gardens are young, however, the different sections lie interspersed in a historical, cultural landscape with an origin in traditional ironworks and farming. Wij gardens has a special and distinct structure by virtue of the different sections embedded within the gardens, which have developed from the landscape and partly comprises of a large rose garden configured by Simon Irvine with hundreds of hardy rose varieties. In one of the fields lies the forest garden which is Wij Gardens pride and joy, a piece of modern gardening art. It was Ulf Nordfjell who was commissioned by Lars Krantz to celebrate the wild nature that surrounds the glade where Ockelbo is situated. The result became a piece of poetry where, among other things, the forest, ponds, marshlands and the forest’s edge have been styled and interpreted with horticultural help.

Other gardens include the kitchen garden with decorative rows of summer flowers and vegetables, the herb garden which weaves together age-old knowledge about plants and herbs in pretty combinations and the children’s garden where the entire family is welcome to come and experience the gardening world and be close to nature.

For a number of years now, Wij Gardens houses a gardening education. It is carried out solely on site at Wij Gardens and the students design and cultivate their own plots of land every year. These plots are very popular and appreciated because of their experimental and pleasurable experiences which contribute to the overall impression of Wij Gardens.

“This is a garden that should be seen, inhaled, tasted and listened to. People say they can even feel it.” Lars Krantz

Other attractions at Wij Gardens

This summer Wij Gardens offer three different exibitions, one in the Ateljé by the Main enterance, a film by the gardens and another in the old iron works located just by Wij Gardens. The iron works are also open daily during the summer season and is a well kept and restored site for those interested in the industrial history of Sweden, the iron production or technology in general.

At Wij Gardens you will also find a restaurant, two cafés, boutiques, exibitions, a carpentry, traditional farm animals and lots more!


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Bring your children

We have a big playground with slides, climbing frame and swings in the middle of the gardens.  The Childrens Garden is a playful spot where they can learn about pollinators and other insects, balance on hurdels and hide in bush huts. Wij Gardens also have our own swimming pond just nearby a café. Both children and adults can get to know the traditional farm animals and meet pigs and cows.

Giuded tours

General guided tour
60 SEK per person. A guided tour will enhance your experience of Wij Gardens. It takes about 1 hour and will give you inspiration and knowledge about the  history of the gardens and bring more insight regarding the inidividual gardens. The guided tour is  normally in Swedish, but for pre-booked groups we can offer a guided tour in English, German or Dutch.

Pre-book your guided tour at bokning@wij.se or call +46 297 554 20.


Daily Admission: 100 SEK

Opening hours

Now they are closed for the season with re-opening in early June 2021.
The Restaurant is open all round the year for lunch during week days as well as for reservations and pre-booked groups.

Are dogs welcome?

Dogs on leash are welcome to Wij Gardens. Your dog will always find a fresh bowl of water  at all service stops.

Difficult to walk?

The aisles between the gardens are not paved, but suitable for a walker and wheelchair. The area is not particularly hilly, with the exception of the pitch up to the Garden house. HWC can be found in the Garden House and at the Ateljé by the main enterance.

Booked groups

Wij Gardens are open year round for pre-booked groups.
Pre-book and plan your visit at bokning@wij.se or +46 297 554 20